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"We wanted professional legal defense, and with the advice of the NGO Defensa Ambiental, we were able to stop the harmful aquaculture projects that was intended to settle on our coasts.

All this was achieved thanks to ONG Defensa Ambiental's professionalism and competence. As chairman of the committee, I recommend the use and support of the NGO for any type of fight against endangered zones in Chile.»


"The work, the dedication, the wide and specialized team they have are their strengths, as well as the people who make up the NGO, have shown the commitment and responsibility they have as soon as they get involved with a job, that means that the communities also empower themselves and that makes us participate.On the other hand, they have always been interested, in addition to taking cases, in creating information for the community, giving them tools that allow them to have more knowledge and more commitment. That is why I recommend them, they have done well at Nacimiento and in many other places where there are endangered areas and where the right to live in a healthy and pollution-free environment is threatened, ONG Defensa Ambiental has undoubtedly shown results


«The NGO Environmental Defense has supported us in the strategic planning and execution of legal actions aimed at trying to slow down the progress of the mega hydroelectric power station Hidroñuble (136 Mw) and a reservoir (called the Cunilla reservoir) of irrigation and electricity generation that would have flooded 1800 hectares in the San Fabián mountain range.

Their contribution has been very important, because the need for legal support is enormous for socio-environmental conflicts in general and in our case in particular. Communities have great difficulties in accessing this support, mainly for economic reasons and due to the shortage of legal teams that can be accessed. The vocation of Environmental Defense is genuinely oriented towards social support and environmental conservation rather than money. »


«We contacted the NGO Defensa Ambiental, who provided us with excellent technical advice, we were lucky to meet them. We recommend the NGO to all socio-environmental organizations, because our fight is not only to denounce the authorities, but there are laws that communities like us are not informed about, and that is why it is essential to have a technical team to guide and support us. ”