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To achieve our goals of promoting, protecting and recovering the environment, we work in various areas to guarantee access to justice, education and environmental information.

Environmental Justice: This is the fundamental pillar of the work of our NGO, which, being made up of 5 lawyers specialized in environmental matters, allows us to offer the country's communities a first-rate technical team to exercise their rights and ensure the protection of the environment that surrounds them, granting legal assistance and representation to the communities that are faced with socio-environmental conflicts.

Environmental Education: One of the main problems that we, as an Environmental Defense NGO, have been able to detect is the lack of knowledge of the country's environmental institutions, of the rights that people have to be able to live in an environment free of contamination and of how they can play an active role in the environmental protection of their community. That is why we have carried out work to support the communities with an emphasis on environmental education and citizen participation, thus aiming at the empowerment of the communities.

Environmental Research: As environmental issues are highly complex, a multidisciplinary approach is essential. It allows addressing environmental issues from all angles, as well as providing our legal team with the background, research and scientific support necessary to face environmental litigation.


ONG Defensa Ambiental is a non-profit organization, made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals whose objective is the promotion, protection and recovery of the environment, through comprehensive and technical support to the communities, thus seeking to guarantee access to conservation, justice and environmental democracy, through the execution of continuous work with the territories, providing them with legal advice, management tools, education, conservation and promotion of their environment.