Networks and Alliances

Networks in which we participate

Network for the Free Rivers

Chilean network of organizations that protect rivers, their channels and basins, seeking joint coordination and protection.

Biobío Environmental Assembly

Assembly of organizations, groups and citizens linked to the enhancement, conservation, protection, research and defense of the natural heritage of the Biobío region.

Biobío Wetlands Network

Network of Biobío organizations that defend the region's wetlands, as part of the National Wetlands Network.

Alliances we work with

NGO Conciencia Sur

Non-governmental organization of Women of Biobío Sciences, to inhabit the territories.

Enviromental Defender Law Center

The Environmental Defenders Legal Center (EDLC) is a non-profit organization that works to protect the human rights of people in developing countries who are fighting to protect their environment.

Earth Law Center

Earth Law Center works to transform legal systems around the world to recognize the rights of nature. ELC is promoting awareness of both the need for laws to protect the rights of nature and the interdependence of all facets of life.


Non-governmental, citizen, national, participatory and non-profit organization; whose objective is to encourage nature conservation.


Defense Movement for access to Water, Land and Environmental Protection.

Biodiversité Sous Nos Pieds

French non-governmental organization. The Right to the service of soils and nature.